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Pilates Move of the Month

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Set up

Start by lying on your side, hips and knees at 90 degrees. Interlace your hands and place them under your head. Ensure your hips and shoulders are stacked on top of each other.


Inhale: Inhale as you reach the top arm towards the ceiling, allowing your eyes and head to follow.

Exhale: Continue the rotation as you exhale. Focus on rotation through the rib cage and segmentally moving through the spine. Imagine the segmental rotation starting from the top rib all the way though until the last rib as you rotate.

Inhale: Inhale to hold the stretch (have a sense of shining your breast bone towards the ceiling)

Exhale: Exhale as you rotate back starting from the bottom rib working your way through until the top rib


Things to think about

  • Ensure the hips stay stacked and do not move as you rotate.

  • Keep the head supported and turn the head to look towards the top arm while rotating, when rotating back to start make sure the head moves back to start position

  • Focus on staying nice and long with the spine (axial elongation)

Repeat the exercise 3 – 8 times on each side

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